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With these interviews, you'll have all the strategies and inspiration you need to help you focus on what is truly important & begin to live a simpler, more fulfilling life, one day at a time. 

Say "goodbye" to the exhaustion you feel when you arrive home... to the overwhelm you feel when you think about how to put nutritious meal on the table for your family in an hour... and the frustration you feel when you fail to put yourself first, yet again.

Say "hello" to the easy, simple life where you spend your time on what is important to you

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Don't Take My Word For It. Here's what the experts have to say...

“When you strip everything away, you're left with how you feel. It is vital for happiness that you take control over how you want to feel. Conscious control over your feelings is the ultimate freedom. Recognizing and taking control of emotions is the greatest transformational tool we have as human beings, and can lead to the simplification of everything you desire.”


Work Less Revolution

“I just started going back to the basics. Now I buy a lot of my food in bulk so I don't go to the supermarket everyday at 4:30 stressed out of about what is for dinner. We create meal plans based on what we've bought so I know what we're eating each day. It takes away the conversation taking up space in your head about the next meal for your family. My kids know what is waiting for them after school. They know there's not the junk that they would constantly nag me about. As we simplify the food we eat, I am reminded time and again that it doesn't have to be complicated.”


Keeping Food Real

“Chances are, you're overwhelmed, hyper-information saturated, busier than you want to be, your sleeping patterns are off, not sure how to nourish yourself on multiple levels, even though you have bits and pieces of information. I take all we know from Ayurveda and condense it down to a simple system... a few daily habits you can do. At first it may be difficult, but as you do them, you will feel more THRIVE.”


Body Thrive

“Your home can be a vehical for personal transformation and creating change in your life. Your home is a reflection of who you are; it's a mirror of your consciousness. It tells a story. If you don't like the story it's telling, then change your home.”


Inspired Everyday Living

“In order to get what you want in life, you'll need to simplify. People who are driven to succeed tend to put a lot on their plate. But the point of life is to enjoy it, not to exhaust yourself. If you're in overdrive, it's important to recognize that it's not bad or wrong to SLOW DOWN. You can't DO enough to be more valuable as a human being. If you want to be more valuable, it's about who you are being, not what you are doing.”


Live Your Awesomeness

“First thing: Declutter Your Thoughts. What do you believe? Because what you believe is what you will find, every time. Very simply: CHOOSE TO BELIEVE. Everyone who has ever done something immense in this world, didn't have the evidence in front of them. They chose to believe first. It's no different with relationships.”


Bumping Into Love

“The way you can Feng Shui & Simplify your life is a simple three step process. First: create the space. Eliminate the bulk so you have room for what you want to manifest. Second: set a clear intention. With intentionality and a clear vision, anything is possible. Third: create a reflection. Your space needs to reflect who you are or who you are becoming. If you don't have a space that clearly reflects where you want to be, then your space isn't simplified enough.”


Designing Your Future

“I'd rather get the things that don't matter, off my list for good; there's no reason to create unnecessary busyness. It's more important to me now than ever-with three teenagers we are in the final stretch of having them at home. I really like my kids and want to enjoy this time and be present. The less stuff, the less busyness and commitments, the better the experience will be fore all of us over the next four years. ”


Together Act

“Eating deliciously doesn't have to be complicated. We think we have to create elaborate meals, but that's not the case. Find a time to plan out your meals for the week. Once you do you shopping, pick the day you are going to 'batch task.' One person can wash, one can prep and cut. Freeze things. Cook things in advance. That way, it doesn't take any creative brain power at the end of your day-it's already done for you”


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So many times in life, you get inspired, implement a few techniques that are supposed to be magic, and then the inspiration wanes and you give up. Everytime this happens, it makes it that much harder to try again--for the fear of "failing"... yet again. 

These interviews give you strategies you can easily try out TODAY. You will hear pieces that resonate for you and they will be like seeds planted in your mind. You hear what you need to hear right now and then, when you come back to an interview for a burst of inspiration, you glean new resonance because you have evolved. You don't have to implement whole systems, just the nuggets of truth that resonate for you.

Often, what you need to motivate is inspiration--a real life story of how to take the chaos that is life right now, and mold it into the life you dream of. 


Life in this modern era is so fast paced and chaotic that it is nearly impossible not to spread yourself too thin. It can feel like you are constantly putting out fires rather than attending to the things you truly want to be doing. I have been there and fully understand how overwhelming and exhausting it is to live life that way. 

The good news, is that simplifying your life can be, well, simple. There are so many easy ways to create space TODAY-physical space, but more importantly, mental and emotional space. And the summit is full of these tips. These experts have figured out how to live a simple existance and they want YOU to feel the same ease and transformation that they have. 

It's all about knowing where to start and being okay taking the first step--even though you may not know all the other steps along the way you'll take to achieve a simpler existance. This Summit is the most fantastic jumping off point. The interviews that resonate for you will inspire you to take that leap, to step into the unknown, knowing that you will be supported, knowing that you can live the life you dream of. 


I hear you--life is full! I'm generally not a fan of multitasking, but I created these interviews so that they are easy and inspiring to listen to while you commute to work, cook dinner or clean the house. 

And if TIME is what you're looking for, you are in luck. The basis of simplifying your life, means that as you do so, step-by-step, you are inherently creating more time for yourself. As you simplify your space, you have fewer things that require your time. As you simplify your schedule and learn to say NO to the things that don't resonate for you, you have more time for what is truly important. 

Listening to these interviews and implementing the nuggets that resonate for you will create more time and space in your life. 


These interviews are here for you to use as you see fit. You get to chose the path you take. You get to decide what is peaking your interest on any given day.  

That being said, I also provide you with a simple, one page journaling exercise to help you get really clear about what you want out of the series. Setting that intention is one simple step you can take to take to achieving your desires... more quickly. 

I highly recommend you take 10 minutes for yourself and get clear about what you want. Writing these dreams down adds clarity and power to your desires. 


Imagine what you would spend to go to a weekend seminar with a panel of 24 different experts talking about how to Simplify Your Life. And you're getting all of that, plus the ability to watch in the comfort of your own home--in your pajamas when you want--for the low price of $97. 

Not only do you have access to all of those interviews, in perpetuity, but you get the following bonus materials to help you get results:

--Half and hour of my time and expertise-over the phone-fully devoted to help you get clear about what you want and how to get you there. Valued at $97

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